3 Ways a Website Can Help a Small Business Grow

1. Legitimacy & Trust

How do I know when a company is for real? I look up their business online. If they’re on Google and have a website, there is instant trust that the business is legitimate. I’m at the tail end of the Millennial generation (born in 1994), and the internet is my go to when I have any kind of need. If a business doesn’t have a website, then they don’t exist in my world. I also always gauge how modern and neat a website looks. If the website runs smoothly I instinctively trust that I’m going to receive either a great product or service. On the flipside, if I’m trying to find a business I’ve seen and they’re nowhere to be found online, they have maybe (and only maybe) past the first page of search results, then I’m gone. Personal relationships to start a business will only get you so far and a good website is the bridge to a wider audience.

2. Landing Spot & Sales Machine

Right along with advertising, a website is a safe place that customers can go to get acquainted with your products and services. It is a place, while not physical, still somewhere they can go to spend some time getting a feel for what you do and who you are, without having to meet in person. It can be as fast or as long as they need, and there is no cap to how many people can be looking at your website at the same time as well. Let your website do the selling for you!

3. Advertising

A website does so much work behind the scenes for a business for a potential sale. Websites will often sell your services better than you ever could talking with someone. Pictures, colors, and videos are powerful ambassadors for your products and services! When you add things like SEO (search engine optimization) and monthly blog updates, your website can even be found in ways other than customers having to look up your name directly. Closing the sale is so much easier when the conversation begins with, “So I saw on your website that…”